Solar Power Systems

When a solar power system is correctly sized, it also performs optimally. Wsolar serves with expert solutions for solar energy, both for households and businesses.

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Solar Panels for Vaasa and the Entire Ostrobothnia Region

Wsolar is your expert in solar power systems throughout Ostrobothnia. Will maintenance-free and long-lasting solar panels soon generate electricity on your roof as well?

We size and install solar panels in Vaasa for all types of locations, such as

  • single-family homes and other small houses
  • cottages and leisure residences
  • housing associations
  • business properties
  • farm buildings

We also implement solar power systems for larger locations, and, similarly, a remote wilderness cottage can be electrified with solar panels. We provide hassle-free turnkey solutions: our offer covers the entire package from sizing to commissioning. When you deal with us, you don't have to fear unexpected additional costs.

Solar panels are a profitable and long-lasting investment that can significantly save on energy costs for an average of 30 operational years. Your own solar power system increases the value of your home and provides security when questions arise about electricity availability or pricing.

Summer installation times are now being booked, so feel free to contact us and secure yours!

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